We created 5 monster pumpkin stencils for your enjoyment this Halloween season! Now you can carve your very own Todd jack’o-lantern or craft an adorable Buddy, out of an over sized gourd…and if you are really adventurous, why not try building your own spooky army of Ghostie pumpkins!

Our monster stencil package includes the following 5 monster designs: Colin, Todd, Wayne, Buddy, and The Ghosties. Some of the stencils will be easier to make than others, but all require the special carving technique where you don’t cut completely through the pumpkin wall! We recommend the Ghostie stencil for beginners and the Wayne stencil for the pumpkin pros!

So go grab a pumpkin, get your best carving tools and gear up for some monster making madness!

Instructions for the Monster Factory Pumpkin Stencils!

Please note: This activity requires the use of sharp and pointy tools! Parental guidance is required and please remember to be careful and take your time while carving!


-Tracing Wheel
-Awl or the tip of something pointy to help trace your stencil onto the pumpkin.
-Good pumpkin carving tools

How to use:

Step One: Prep your pumpkin, cut a hole in the top (saving the lid for later) and clear out all stringy inside bits and seeds.

Step Two: Download and print out the stencil set.  To do so click on the image link below, and you should be directed to our downloadable Pumpkin Stencil package.

Step Three: Trim down the stencil, leaving a rough border of inch and half around the stencil edge. No need to be too precise here, you just want to make the stencil more easy to work with.

Step Four: Find where you want to put your stencil on the pumpkin and tape it down.  Masking tape is great for this because it can be easily removed.

Step Five: Trace around the black sections of the stencil using your tracing wheel, or awl, or ‘pointy tool’ of choice.  Your goal here is to outline these shapes using a series of tiny holes in your pumpkins skin, so you when you remove the stencil you have a clear guide of the sections you will need to carve out.

Step Six: Carve out the black areas of the stencil that you traced out onto your pumpkin. You only want to carve out a depth of around 1/4 – 1/2 inch into the pumpkin.  Take care to not care all the way through the pumpkin wall!  Also take your time around the eyes! We left the stitching detail on some of the stencils, but feel free to leave it off if it proves too difficult.

Step seven: Light up your pumpkin with a candle inside, turn off the lights and enjoy the show!

Step Eight: Give yourself some monster High Fives for your awesomeness!

Monster Factory Stencil Package

Click on the image to download our Monster Factory stencil package!



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