Meet Freddie Lee Dots, the newest member of the Ghostie crew, decorated by the good folks over at Bunchland, Toronto’s ever inspiring and creative community for families and friends.
Bunch Family Ghost Freddie Lee Dots

When it comes to Halloween, Freddie Lee Dots is not your typical ghost…he’s in it for the candy, not the haunting!

Likes:  Spiders and paintball
Dislikes: Cigars and almonds

The decoration of Freddie Lee, quickly became a family affair when Rebecca from Bunchland, took him home to her kids to customize! She told us that they had the best time collaborating on his intricate dotted design. Everyone took turns filling in his blank canvas body with an explosion of colorful spots! The only issue was deciding who got to take Freddie to sleep with them at night! Looks like they may have to make a Ghostie cuddle schedule!

We also noticed that Rebecca’s family created a paper template of their Ghostie, which they sketched and made notes on beforehand. This is a great idea, so great we’ve decided to make our own Ghostie template, that we will incorporate it into our launch on the 28th at the Gladstone.

We think Freddie Lee Dots is fabulous and a big thank you goes out to Rebecca and her family for taking the time out together and creating this work of art. We put up a gallery of images documenting Freddie’s decoration and details…check it out below.

For more family fun make sure to follow along with the adventures in Bunchland here!

And remember if you would like to come and decorate your own Ghostie at our Gladstone party, make sure to reserve your ghostie now! For event details click here.

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