Our Gladstone Ghostie event is almost here and we are getting REALLY excited! To customize our next feature Ghostie, we enlisted the help of our shipping manager and aspiring illustrator Michel, who managed to create this excellent monster in between packing all our monster orders:

Meet Gary McScary!

Gary McScary, enjoys a good game of badminton and lighting firecrackers on a saturday night…but don’t bother inviting him over for brunch because he dislikes all breakfast foods!

Gary also has a few reminders about our Plush Party to share with you:

1. Make sure to reserve your customizable Ghostie in advance! We will have some extra on hand but if you want to be sure you get one on the big day send us an email at info@monsterfactory.net
2. The party runs from 1pm to 5pm, this Sunday October 28th at the Gladstone Hotel. It’s a drop in style event, so you are free to come by whenever you want to join in the decorating fun.
3. There will be lots of fabric markers on hand and Ghostie paper templates to do rough sketching on first. Guests are also welcome to bring their own decorating supplies if they like. For example, if you have some special sequins that you would like to sew onto your Ghostie…go for it!

Last note, the main goal of our Ghostie event is FUN…so let’s have some! Can’t wait to see you at the party!

For more Gary McScary images check out the gallery below!


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