This is a tutorial all about how to take an awesome monster photograph, that we shared with our newsletter subscribers over the summer. We thought it would also be beneficial to post it here on the blog, so everyone could benefit from some the tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years while photographing mountains of monsters.

How to take a great monster photograph:

Frame It Right!

We find that keeping your monster closer to the camera so they don’t blend into the background works best when it comes to framing your shot.  Unless of course your monster is camera shy, like Gordon and is trying to hide from the lens.

Focus Focus Focus!

This one is simple, make sure that your monster is in focus! Low lighting conditions can be a major factor in causing fuzzy photos, take a second to brace your camera for a more stable and clear result.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Getting the right exposure is the biggest challenge for any monster photographer.  In our tips today, we will not be covering the nitty gritty details of adjusting the aperture and shutter, this is more of a reminder to think about your light source when taking a picture. If your photos are coming out too bright, why not find some shade and if your pictures are too dark seek the sun, turn on the flash or add another lamp to the mix!

The Talent

Make sure your monsters are happy subjects…feed them well and tell them they look great! Especially Todd, as he needs a lot of encouragement.

Now with this new knowledge, go forth and photograph!


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