First off a huge thank you to everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to create some amazing works of monster art for our contest.  The quality of the entries we received was outstanding…and Owen had a REALLY hard time choosing the top three prize winners.  In fact, he demanded that we give everyone who entered a prize…and we agreed! So all of our honorable mention artists will be getting a $10 gift card to use in our online store or in our studio!

But without further ado, as chosen by our resident artistic genius, Owen, here are the top three prize winners:

In first place, a huge hive five goes out to the creator of the monsters as Justice League characters, Sean G!
Owen loved the humor, character and artistic talent that Sean displayed through out his work of art. Well done! And Sean, you may have inspired us to do a Monster Factory homage to super heroes somewhere down the line.

In second place Owen would like to congratulate Christine C. for her portrait of Colin and Veronica out for dinner.
Owen was bowled over by the amount of detail and incredible use of colour that Christine showed in her beautiful portrait.

In third place, big props goes to the ever awesome Lucy V. and her incredible ‘duct tap’ Veronica sculpture.
Owen loved your creative use of materials, awesome out of the box thinking.  Genius in the making.

Now for our honorable mentions!

Sweetest illustrated story goes out to Maya, for her rendition of a Maya monster wearing a Lois inspired wind breaker! Great work Maya!

The Brightest use of colour and mad skills award goes to most excellent Emily B. for her excellent rendition of Owen and Emma. Everyone at the Monster Factory is a huge fan of Emily’s work, and she is sure to be a future comic star!

Best monster as a Star Wars character goes to Natan’s rendition of Maggie as Princess Lea.  Owen would love to see the whole Star Wars gang depicted as monsters in the future. Well done Natan.

Terri and Abby’s Johann piece was also one of Owen’s favorite.  Another innovative  use of materials. Owen deemed this piece the Best Bright Idea! So good you guys!

Best self portrait goes to Vincent D. for his Andy’s ‘Andy Portrait’! You guys rock!

Taryn and her kids monster decorated bathroom and framed monster art was also outstanding! Owen awarded you the Interior Decorating award!

Thank you again everyone and one last note from Owen:
He wanted us to let you know that he would gladly collaborate with all of you in a heartbeat!

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